Govt PG College, Bazpur      05949-282140


We are firm in our belief that education is the obvious victim as well as the only tool to deal with, major socioeconomic challenges like gender discrimination, poverty, corruption, population, pollution,regionalism, caste-ism and drugs abuse etc. Any higher education institution therefore has a key role to play in dealing with these problems. A college acts as a grass root level unit to bring about social changes and social justice through creation and distribution of knowledge as on one hand it communicates directly with the young and aspirational local mass and on other hand with the academia. Keeping this in view the college works with the vision “To emerge as a leading institute in creating and disseminating knowledge and providing students a conducive learning experience in science, humanities, commerce and other areas of studies to develop critical thinkers and responsible citizens to best serve our society, nation and mankind”.


  • To be a student centric institute.
  • To undertake inclusive research and development.
  • Prudent and accountable resource manag.ement.
  • To empower women to assume leadership.
  • To provide a context of learning that enhances professionalism, humanism and social responsibility
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