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The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Scheme of Government of India. It is a voluntary association that provides youth across educational institutions the opportunity to take part in government led community service activities and programmes. The central aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.

With its strong commitment to the NSS motto ‘Not Me, But You’, the NSS unit of Govt. PG College, Bazpur strives to instil among its volunteers the value of democratic living, equality of opportunity and selfless service towards those less privileged than themselves. NSS- GPGC Bazpur aims to develop in its volunteer’s dedication towards community service based on a sense of social justice and welfare, thereby preparing them to become agents of social change.

All NSS volunteers who serve NSS are entitled to a certificate from the Principal, Programme Coordinator of the institute and the Programme Coordinator, Kumaun University.

TEACHERS INCHARGE: Dr. Manpreet Singh & Dr. Darshna Pant.

NSS- GPGC, Bazpur has reached out to different sections of society with their on-going projects :-

Project Clean & Green

Project Clean & Green thrives on the principle of bringing a difference by being the change we aspire to see in others. Here, volunteers come up with ideas of thinking wide and rethinking the mundane to add value to the environmental abode. From decoding waste to growing vegetables at home, Project Clean & Green has left no stone unturned even in constraints of four walls and physical warmth.

Tree Plantation Drive

The Tree Plantation drive was aimed at combating many environmental issues like deforestation, erosion of soil, global warming and hence enhancing the beauty and balance of the environment along the national highways.

Anti Drug Drive

The campaign aims to ‘Awake, for a better tomorrow’ among the Youth. The NSS GPGC Bazpur unit motivates the youth in different groups to stay away from drugs. Apart from campaigning, Various programs, slogan writing, Quiz competitions, street plays, direct interaction with students and their parents will be organized. Movies and documentaries will be showing to motivate the students to stay away from addiction and to participate in various sports activities. NSS-GPGC, Bazpur volunteers drives oath against Drug Abuse among the students.

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