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Physics department caters to B.Sc. and M.Sc. Physics. The Department has fully equipped laboratories and a store room managed by a hard-working and sincere Lab Staff . There are one big laboratory with the dark room lab for optics experiments.

Physics Department is continuously upgrading itself according to changing curriculum and needs of the time from Annual to Semester system. Despite limitations of resources, the collective efforts of students, lab staff and teachers have delivered wonderful results with continual increase in the number of students scoring 70% and above in papers. Physics Department is proud of its achievements in another way: a noteworthy recognition of its faculty’s outstanding original thinking in the field of research.

Through our ‘Physics Departmental Society’, Physics Department tries to bring out the best in students. Every year society organizes workshops inviting eminent Physicists for talks and career counseling sessions from experts.Various competitions like paper presentation, poster making, scientific Rangoli and quizzes are organized time to time to inculcate innovative thinking among students and widen their horizon of imagination. Students are encouraged to prepare working models and projects in which they can realize their innovative mind skills. Physics, as a subject opens a plethora of career opportunities to students in the field of education, research and industry.It is a matter of great pride that our Physics students are getting placements both in private and public sector as well as teaching in schools, colleges and polytechnics. The goal of Physics department is to nurture young talents, to focus on standards, assessment and outcomes and to ensure that all students learn in a more powerful way. We also find ways to motivate our students to scale greater heights than ever before. To achieve these goals, there is no other way but the way onwards.

Physics is a basic science, the study of which opens a plethora of opportunities in the field of education, research and industry in the country and abroad. A teaching career in schools/ Colleges / Universities/ Engineering Institutes is a possibility. Plenty of contemporary research and innovation areas are there like Nano science, Photonics, Material Science,Plasmonics, Thin Films, Quantum Optics, Astrophysics, Optoelectronics to mention a few. Scientific reporting/writing and communication in the field of journalism and mass media is another emerging field. A base knowledge of physics also opens opportunities in the interdisciplinary areas like Geophysics, Computational Physics, Medical Physics, and Biophysics etc.


Name of Faculty




Dr. Aadarsh Kumar Chaudhri

Assistant Professor (Incharge)


Dr. Yogesh Chandra  (view resume)

Assistant Professor


Shri Sanjay Singh Bisht (view resume)

Assistant Professor