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Rovers & Rangers

Rovering provides enjoyable activities that combine personal development with meaningful service. Rover Crew governs itself, but often has an older adult as a “Crew Advisor” or “Rover Scout Leader”. Baden-Powell called it a “brotherhood of open air and service”.

The objectives of Rovering are to:

    • Provide service to the Scout Movement
    • Provide service to the community
    • Develop as individuals by expanding one’s range of skills
    • Enjoy fellowship, social, outdoor, and cultural activities

Rovering provides an experience that leads to a life enriched in the following ways:

    • Character and Intelligence
    • Handicraft and Skill
    • Health and Strength
    • Service for Others

Presently In our college under the Guidance of Shri AADARSH KUMAR CHAUDHRI (Rover Leader) & Dr JAYA KANDPAL (Ranger Guide) , there are two units : 1- Rudra –For Rovers 2- Himadri- For Rangers. Rovers & Rangers participate in various camps and activities organized in college level and state level

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