Govt PG College, Bazpur      05949-282140

Center for Tarai Research and Development (C-TRAD):
A Premier Research Incubation Centre

Patron: Prof. Kamal K. Pande Principal

Dr. Brijesh K. Joshi Assistant Professor (Pol. Science): Member Coordinator

Dr. Atul Upreti Assistant professor         (Zoology): Member Secretary

Dr. Ateesh Verma Assistant Professor (Commerce): Member Secretary

Research and Development Cell

In-charge: Dr. Manuhar Arya

Research, innovation, and development stand as integral pillars in the dissemination of high-quality education by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). These institutions bolster their research endeavors by actively generating knowledge, fostering innovation, and advancing technology for the greater good of society through resource mobilization and financial support. The Research and Development Cell (RDC) operates by harnessing human, intellectual, and financial assets, promoting research, guiding scholars, incubating innovations, enhancing capacity, upholding integrity and ethics, and facilitating collaborative partnerships with the community, industry, and government entities, both locally and on a national and international scale. Serving as a pivotal hub, the RDC spearheads the ideation and conceptualization of research programs by organizing workshops, training sessions, conferences, and seminars.

 Role of the Research and Development Cell (RDC)

  • Establishing a dedicated fund for research and development.
  • Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to sustain research endeavors.
  • Collaborating and liaising with funding agencies to secure resources for research initiatives.
  • Acquiring institutional funding to support research publications and patenting efforts.
  • Providing guidance and actively promoting research endeavors.
  • Formulating policies to identify incentives for faculty members engaged in research.
  • Planning and conducting various research-oriented events and programs.
  • Maintaining research laboratories in accordance with GLP and safety regulations, including bio and chemical safety measures.
  • Creating an environment conducive to collaboration and partnership in research.
  • Establishing links with RDCs at well-established HEIs.
  • Initiating partnerships and collaborative ventures with affiliated institutions.
  • Creating a central hub to facilitate strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Creating facilities focused on technology development and business applications.
  • Facilitating collaboration and interaction between academia and industry.
  • Offering services related to intellectual property rights and patenting.
  • Ensuring ethical standards are upheld in all research activities.
  • Enforcing mandatory checks for plagiarism in research work.
  • Making necessary software tools available to both faculty and students for research purposes.
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