1. Students are responsible for their conduct to the Principal and are prohibited from doing anything either inside or outside the college that will amount to a breach of discipline or interference in the discipline and normal working of the college. A student shall be liable to disciplinary action for violation of any of the rules of discipline. Disciplinary action may involve warning and/or suspension from classes, from the examination, from use of the College Library or even from the College as such, or any such action as provided for in Ordinance XV (B), XV(C) and XV (D) of the Rules of Discipline of the University of Delhi.

2. Students shall conduct themselves in a polite manner, both towards the members of the staff (teaching and administrative) and towards their fellow students. Insubordination, unbecoming language or ungentlemanly conduct including teasing etc., shall be severely dealt with.

3. Students shall maintain perfect silence in classrooms and desist from demonstration of disorderly behaviour. They must not loiter in the corridors or in front of class rooms or office rooms and must keep as quiet as possible at all times. During their free periods, student should work quietly in the Library or Reading Room, or spend the time without causing any disturbance. Smoking in the College hall, classrooms, laboratories, library and reading room is prohibited.

4. Students shall take proper care of the College property, furniture and premises and they must not spoil or cause any damage to or tamper with College property, furniture and fittings. They shall not spoil the lawns.

5. Students shall leave their bicycles, scooters or motorcycles in the shed provided for this purpose. No bicycles, scooters or motorcycles shall be parked in any other part of the College premises.

6. No society can be formed in the College without the permission of the Principal nor shall any person be invited to address a meeting in the College without the prior permission of the Principal.