Govt PG College, Bazpur

Rajkiya Snatakottar Mahavidyalaya Bazpur (US Nagar)

          Affliated to Kumaun University, Nainital      05949-282140

Welcome to the Government P. G. College, Bazpur (G.P.G.C Bazpur), an institution where excellence is tradition. G.P.G.C Bazpur is for those students who shall be pioneers, for those who shall experiment with the cutting edge of contemporary thought and creative expression, for those who shall dare give shape to their aspirations and cherished dreams.

At G.P.G.C Bazpur we believe that each student is special and has the potential to excel in many different ways. Then the touchstone of all our programmes is active engagement that nurtures individual talent. We impart formal education with a difference even as we work within the constraints of a traditional university system. Through carefully crafted interaction and activities within and outside the classroom, we provide experiences that help the student discover innate capabilities, set life-long goals and proactively work towards their fulfillment.


G.P.G.C Bazpur is reputed for providing quality liberal education in the humanities and the basic sciences. The academic life is rigorous and designed to lay a firm conceptual foundation and provide professional expertise necessary for adapting to the challenging work place. The faculty is distinguished and the support staff dedicated. The teaching-learning programmes are marked with personal mentoring; students are encouraged work in collaborative teams and learn from peers. The emphasis is on innovative teaching strategies that provide experiential learning through project work, field work and case studies. I wish all candidates success and look forward to a great time with them in Government P. G. College, Bazpur.

“No matter how big a dream is, it can be always turned into reality.”