Teaching for all classes shall commence from July 2012 as per the academic calendar of the University of Delhi. Except on holidays, and during vacations, teaching (lectures, tutorials/preceptorials) will take place on six days every week from Monday to Saturday according to a notified weekly timetable for each course. Practicals will take place on six days of the week, from Monday to Saturday.

The University will announce the schedule for the Annual University Examinations for all classes. Students should however note that as per the decisions of the University of Delhi, with effect from the academic year 2003-2004, 25% of the marks in each course would be awarded to students on the basis of Internal Assessment. (Please refer to Ordinance VIII-E of the University of Delhi)


Every student of the college is issued an Identity Card which he/she is expected to carry with him/her at all times. He/She will have to produce it whenever demanded. Students should collect their new Identity Cards at the beginning of the new academic session. The Identity Card must be surrendered at the time of leaving the College.

In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate card can be issued from the office on payment of Rs. 50/-. For this, the student shall first lodge an FIR at a Police Station.


In order to be eligible to appear at a University Examination every student has to attend a minimum of two third of the total number of lectures delivered at the college in all subjects as also in Tutorials/Preceptorials, as the case may be, taken separately in each Semester.The University Ordinance VII, Clause 2-A, Part (ii) states that the College shall have power to strike off the name of a student who is irregular in attendance or when the absence of the student is for such a long period that he/she cannot put in the requisite percentage of attendance. These rules are strictly followed. Parents/ Guardians are advised to periodically meet teachers of their wards to know the progress of their ward in studies and punctuality in attending classes.

Note:Late admission, if granted, is entirely at the risk of the students concerned and no concession in regard to attendance is allowed. Attendance will be calculated from the date the College re-opens after the summer vacation.

When a student is required to represent the College in competitive events – sports, cultural activities and debates sponsored by the College – he/she must apply for permission in advance, in writing to the Principal.

Exemption from attendance for other reasons may be granted only if permitted by the Principal in writing. Such permission must be obtained well in advance and not at the time of examination.

Application for leave of absence due to sickness/hospitalisation must be supported by a medical leave and fitness certificate from a recognised medical practitioner, and should reach the Principal within a week of the student re-joining college on the expiry of leave.